Once our handling partnerโ€™s receive the goods, the order cannot be cancelled and we reserve the right to uphold this. Before this point, the order can be cancelled by contacting us at info@housofales.co.uk.

While we do all we possibly can to ensure all orders are full and correct, occasionally the system may allow you to order something we donโ€™t have in stock. Where possible, we will contact you about a replacement or advise you of a refund on this particular product. If for any reason you received the wrong goods or goods have gone missing please email info@housofales.co.uk with photographic evidence and your order number and we will arrange a replacement, refund or shop credit. 

Returned Items

Returned items will be refunded in full as long as the item is not damaged or doesnโ€™t show signs of being tampered with in any way. In this instance we reserve the right to decline the refund on the item(s). If there are any items damaged, tampered with or missing in the returned package the customer will only receive a refund for the items that are returned in condition according to our policy. In this case, the amount of the item(s) that have been affected will be deducted from the refund amount.

Damaged Goods

Damaged goods will be refunded where product quality is affected or there is a risk to the your health and safety in attempting to consume. Photographic evidence will be required to be sent to info@houseofales.co.uk along with your order number. Upon receipt of this we will inform you to destroy the goods and dispose of the packaging. If an item has been destroyed prior to us informing you to do so then you will not be refunded for the damaged item.

By destroying, we mean by disposing of the liquid where possible and disposing of packaging.  Where there is a safety risk in doing this, you are advised to dispose of the product in its whole form and not to remove the liquid. If you decide to ignore this advice and injury occurs, we are in no way liable.


Refunds will be paid within 14 days of us receiving the goods back. We only recommend returning items via recorded delivery. We cannot and will not refund any items that are not received back and reserve the right to do so. In this instance, the carrier used by the customer to return the goods are liable in whole.

To return any goods you purchased from us, please send in the original packaging, including your proof of purchase. This is so we know who you are and your refund can be processed.

Please send to your package to:

House of Ales,
Unit 7,
Pontefract Market Hall,
Market Place,
West Yorkshire,