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Welcome to House of Ales, the Wakefield district's premier destination for craft beer, with a splendid variety of UK craft ales, Belgian, German, and European beers. Serving throughout the Wakefield district, including the vibrant communities of Castleford, Pontefract, Knottingley, Normanton, Featherstone, and South Elmsall, we offer an impressive selection that satisfies even the most discerning beer connoisseurs.

Visit House of Ales today and explore our exceptional selection of craft beers, real ales, Belgian beers, German beers, European beers, ciders, fruit ciders, and lagers. Serving the entire Wakefield district, we're here to ensure your perfect pint is never more than a click away.

Our Range

Explore our impressive collection of craft beer, handpicked from the best breweries around the world. From a refreshing IPA to a hearty stout, our craft beer selection offers unique flavours and tastes that will transport you from the Wakefield area to the heart of the world's finest breweries, whether you're in Hemsworth, Stanley, Havercroft, or Kippax.

If you're a lager lover, discover our impressive variety of lagers, chosen for their crisp, refreshing character and unparalleled quality. These beers are perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Our exceptional selection of European beers, from Belgian Trappist ales to the finest German weissbiers, caters to beer lovers who appreciate the diverse brewing traditions of Europe, with each sip promising a unique journey of flavours.

For those who prefer the refreshing taste of ciders, we haven't forgotten about you. From traditional dry ciders to sweet and fruity ciders, our range guarantees to satisfy all cider enthusiasts. Our luscious collection of fruit ciders is perfect for those seeking a refreshing alternative to traditional beers and ales.

We also offer a number of gift options including gift boxes, where you can choose your own beers or ask our staff to help select some suitable styles.

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Our shop is situated at the centre of Pontefract, within the Grade II listed Pontefract Market Hall, and is open 6 days a week.

Unit 7
Pontefract Market Hall

Tel: 01977 232304
Email: info@houseofales.co.uk


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